Thursday, October 28, 2010


NeverfuckingWinter Nights has once again taken over my soul. I come back to this game at least once every year. You'll hear from me less and less until I've played the campaign, both expansions, any new mods, any new user-made campaigns, and all of my old favorite user-made campaigns (which are generally better than the normal 1 player). If anyone out there wants to play, send me a message and we'll play multi-player. 

Anyway, back to racism. I've noticed Google has flagged me, via their ads, as being too much about drugs. I'm insulted by all their ads for rehab and recovery and all that bullshit. So yeah. I've pointed out before how ridiculous niggers can be. What some people seemed to miss is that you don't necessary have to be black to employ any of the recently mentioned niggering techniques. For example, in any of the aforementioned guides, 'nigger' can be replaced with 'white trash,' 'stupid chinks,' 'wetbacks,' 'spics,' etc. The important part to remember is the master race part. Intelligent middle to upper class white people (preferable blonde/blue) are inherently better than everyone else. Thats all I'm trying to say. All of whom employ the 'bama bucks' way of living. They have destroyed my small business, yes they have. I never should have published that guide. I should have known it would come to this. So what happens next?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Being sick really sucks

Seriously, everybody hates that shit. This is probably the first time I've been awake since maybe Wednesday night. I haven't been able to get out of bed at all. Ever had one of those experiences where you've slept so much that the line between dreams and reality seems to blur? Yeah I know it sounds cliche and like something out of a movie but I've had a rather high fever and this sorta did happen to me. I woke up and called a certain female who was hanging out with me in my dream. We were watching a movie (in my dream) the night before I woke, and I woke up and called her asking what time she had left. She had no clue what the fuck I was talking about and told me I should do less drugs. Whoooops. 

The moral ? OC + Benzo + Rum + ... fuck knows what else + Outside from 10pm-3am = disaster. 

I don't recommend blacking out and going out into the cold. You will catch the flu. Better post will come when my brain is more stable.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

How to destroy your life (for noobs)

So you really wanna destroy your life, right? I mean, you're obviously too much of a pussy to kill yourself, so you might as well just do the whole horrible person thing, right? I know what you're thinking, though. That dope needle is looking a little extreme... and I can tell you why! See, its a progressive thing. It may seem extreme now, but I have a little guide for ya here that'll get you from Student/Worker/Basement Dweller to junkie in less than a week! 

I've been informed that you can join the military and do all this as well to fuck yourself over more.

    1. Start Smoking Pot
                If you know me, theres a good chance you already do this. Now a lot of people deny that pot is a gateway drug because it doesn't actually make you want to do drugs. I'm here to tell you this is a lie. It is essential that you start with one of these gateway drugs. Alcohol works just as well. In reality, anything that fucks up your judgement and exposes you to the drug scene will pretty much do it for you. 

   2. Start drinking every day
           If you wake up in the morning and don't feel like shit, you're doing something wrong. That'll come easier as you get further into the lifestyle, but for now just focus on getting to the point, between pot and alcohol where you can not get yourself out of bed before 10am. I mean even if your house is on fire.

  3. Start doing some pills
           Eventually, one day while you're drunk and high and exposing yourself to them drug-doing and drug-dealing folk, you'll come across some pills. Now for now you're going to want to focus on benzodiazepines, like xanax, klonopin, valium, etc. Keep drinking, of course. The mixture of benzos and alcohol will make you feel like king fucking shit and open your mind to junkifying yourself up even more.

 4. Switch to opiates
         A lot of time the benzos will be harder to get because all the real junkies like the opiates so they flow like the ocean. Its pretty essential that you stick with the benzos and booze though, so that you'll be open to eating the more hardcore opiates. Start off with some percocets. Eat them every day. One or two a day at first. You'll slowly build a tolerance and learn that you need them to function. Once you need them to function, you're ready to...

  5. Contact those old friends
       Who out there doesn't remember at least one person from high school or college or whatever who got all fucked on dope or meth or something? Well, hit 'em up. If you don't have any, you'll have to mingle with your new opiate-doing friends until you run into someone. Anyway, after being around a dope fiend a few times, having already done some sort of benzo and fiending for your opiates, you'll realize... these people do heroin. Many people bitch out here. Man the fuck up and snort that shit, you'll love it. Now you have your dope connection, congrats. The final step is...

6. Buy some fucking works!
      Walgreens and similar pharmacy chains sell insulin needles, aka dope needles aka works. Buy some. Mix your dope in a water bottle cap with a little bit of water. Get a cotton swab or a cigarette filter or whatever and draw the dope through the needle through your cotton. Pick a vein, shoot, and cry.

Congratulations, you're now hooked on heroin!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daily Game Oct 16 - Xrossfire

Bomb smartly to kill all your enemies.

Xrossfire is powered by

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fucking crazy ass google

Their cars are driving themselves now!

This is pretty nuts. I fucking want one. I can't help but wonder though... haven't these people ever seen the Terminator? Or fucking seen i,Robot? The apocalypse is coming, be it by economic turmoil or robots overthrowing the world. Whichever comes first. Personally I'd prefer to see the US economy collapse. At least then it'd be our duty to take up arms against the government. Police are government. Wouldn't that be fun?

Have you heard of the HPEMS ? Just for shits and giggles I kinda want one. Wouldn't it be great to target a cop car with one, and then target the tow truck that came to pick it up as well? That'd be extremely fucking comical. Apparently something like this isn't so hard to make if you know what you're doing. I'll have to look into it.

Note that I am not a criminal and do not advise ACTUALLY doing this, but it seems like it'd be a fun idea.

Daily Game Oct 14 - Road of the Dead

Show your driving and zombie-killing skills.

Road of the Dead is powered by

Thursday, October 7, 2010



So. Apparently inflation is the key to fixing the US economy now? Or so thats what they're going to do or some shit? lulz. How about that fucker saying Democrat is the Food Stamp party? loloooo. I guess it's kinda true though. Most of middle-class America doesn't seem to see this shit because they don't get to live in the fucking ghetto like I do, so let me school you silly little fuckers on how these fucking niggers are working us all over (and how you can do it too!)

Step 1. Drop the Fuck out of High school.
     This step is key, because if you don't you might attain a high enough education to realize what you're doing is wrong and/or obtain friends who aren't willing to be social scum like yourself.

Step 2. Don't you DARE get a fucking job
     If you get a job, theres a good chance your application for free food money, subsidized housing, and free healthcare may be denied. Proving that you're poor and willing to make yourself look even more poor on paper is an extremely important part of living your socialist niggerfuck life.

Step 3. Knock a bitch up
    This is where a lot of people would back out, but it's also where a lot of people unintentionally jump into the process. You see, once you have a child and no income, the government is required to give you some fucking cash. You will get a set amount of food stamps based on your income (which should be nothing if you're following this guide) as well as free healthcare for your babymomma and your child. At first you might only be able to get WIC, which only covers women infants and children, but thats okay because as soon as the children start to grow up, you'll get more of them foodstamps.

Step 4. Knock the bitch up several more times
  Now somewhere in here you're going to realize that money is tight any maybe you should get a job. Do not do this. Trust me, if you just keep poppin' out babies, they're gonna keep giving you more and more fucking money. It's great. 

Step 5. Turn your stamps into cash
  Now you can actually start getting dollars. If you've done all of the above chances are you're living in some shithole neighborhood where every house is government subsidized and crack dealers are everywhere. If you're doing it right you should be getting ~$2-3000 a month in stamps. Now, in most ghettos you can find little corner stores that will trade you $100 food stamps for $50 cash. Cha-ching. 

Congratulations, you now have money courtesy of American Taxpayers and the ingenuity (read: laziness) of niggers across the country.

Now that you've got a bit of cash...

Step 6. Buy some fucking drugs
   Since you're already in the ghetto, you should have no trouble procuring a pound of weed or a kilo of coke to cook up to supplement your income. By the time you're successfully pulling this step off, you should have plenty of cash to buy yourself nice things, but remember: do not move out of the ghetto, do not buy a nice car. If you want to do either of those things, you'll have to get a job at McDonalds or something to prove tax-wise that you're paying for these things legit. If you do that, you're risking your 'bama bucks. 

You are now a successful nigger, happy niggering.

First Post

So what will my blog be about?

Anything and fucking everything that comes to mind! Who isn't in need of extra writing practice? Well, me I guess but who gives a shit. Seems important enough.

Blogs are gay.