Thursday, October 28, 2010


NeverfuckingWinter Nights has once again taken over my soul. I come back to this game at least once every year. You'll hear from me less and less until I've played the campaign, both expansions, any new mods, any new user-made campaigns, and all of my old favorite user-made campaigns (which are generally better than the normal 1 player). If anyone out there wants to play, send me a message and we'll play multi-player. 

Anyway, back to racism. I've noticed Google has flagged me, via their ads, as being too much about drugs. I'm insulted by all their ads for rehab and recovery and all that bullshit. So yeah. I've pointed out before how ridiculous niggers can be. What some people seemed to miss is that you don't necessary have to be black to employ any of the recently mentioned niggering techniques. For example, in any of the aforementioned guides, 'nigger' can be replaced with 'white trash,' 'stupid chinks,' 'wetbacks,' 'spics,' etc. The important part to remember is the master race part. Intelligent middle to upper class white people (preferable blonde/blue) are inherently better than everyone else. Thats all I'm trying to say. All of whom employ the 'bama bucks' way of living. They have destroyed my small business, yes they have. I never should have published that guide. I should have known it would come to this. So what happens next?